I am extremely over weight and very conscious about my appearance. Jenny has made me feel welcome and comfortable offering advice on modifications when something is too hard for me to do. Her positive attitude and friendly smile make attending a pleasure. I leave feeling good about myself and what I have achieved that day. I have lost 24 lbs so far with the help of Jenny, James’ excellent advice and Laura’s one on one training. Optimum Bodies is helping me rediscover myself in ways I had thought were long gone. I am thankful to their whole team who are all helping me become another success story one pound at a time!


For years I was a work-out junkie ( 2 hours every 2nd day at the gym), but in that time, I had a do-it-yourself design approach, and figured I had reached my plateau and accepted that what I achieved was the best I could be. Over the last three years, my work outs were replaced with walking, as I had two babies and little time to hit the gym. While I managed to rebound quickly to my pre-baby weight, I was quite unhappy with my post pregnancy body and was looking for a new work-out routine that could accommodate my new life. Within one month of working out with James, three times a week for a half hour and stream-lining my diet for a 2 week period, I lost inches everywhere. My pre-pregnancy clothes literally hang off of me. I can honestly say, that I never thought that I could achieve what I have in such a short period of time nor would I be saying that after 2 babies that I have a more toned physique than I did with my do-it-yourself approach.


I have been attending Optimum Bodies for the past six months. I don’t believe that I have looked or felt better! James, the owner and personal fitness professional, is extremely knowledgeable and is eager to answer all my questions about fitness, nutrition and necessary supplements. Laura, a personal trainer, has been extremely helpful in assisting me with meal plans, new healthy recipes and various running programs. Pauline, my boot camp leader, is a great motivator and has an amazing attitude. I am extremely pleased with my results and thank them for all their efforts. I highly recommend their studio for results and applaud them all for their positive attitudes and welcoming smiles!


I have always struggled with my weight and most of all my great displeasure of working out. I tried every fast quick fix I could find just so I

didn’t have to sweat and be forced to work out. After a lot of money and time, I did lose weight but quickly put it back on – and then some. I felt personal training was my last resort and I had to at least give it a try. Much to my surprise, I actually enjoy exercising. I have been working closely with James and he has put together a program that not only works for me but motivates me to keep coming in. I have seen results not only in weight loss but in greater stamina. I never thought the day would come when I would look forward to working out and sweating it all away. Thanks so much James for being there for me and pushing me through it. Laura has also been a great help and I appreciate all she has done for me. You really have nothing to lose (except your extra pounds) by giving Optimum Bodies a try!


James was not only the best personal trainer I have ever had but thru the years we became friends as well. His professional and motivational manner in producing behavioral AND physical changes far exceeded any that I had imagined. He set attainable goals and yet pushed you to go beyond comfort zones to see real changes in health and body-shaping. He is current on all things related to training and health. His gym is state of the art and he utilizes every machine while training. I have since moved but there hasn’t been a day that goes by that I don’t wish I was still training with him! He is the best!!!


A couple of years ago I moved to Ajax and was looking for the right trainer to work with. Then I met Pauline and James at Optimum Bodies. I tried a few personal training classes and a boot camp class. I’ve always had a specific goal in mind and felt comfortable enougth to discuss with Pauline and James to see if it was duable. Now 2 months later I am having to buy a new target dress! Results have been amazing for me. I have struggled with cellulite since a teenager and this is the first time I have seen it melting away. Thank you both, Pauline, James… for the program you created for me, the moral support you have given me and for believing in me. I am excited each time you change/upgrade my program so that I can reach my goal, my dream. The results have been amazing! This is a lifestyle change that has been enjoyable. It has changed my life in many ways, a lifestyle that makes me feel wonderful when I get up in the morning. See you both at Optimum Bodies 🙂


I have been fighting with my weight (30-50lbs over weight) for the better part of the last 30 years and thought I had tried it all. Every diet imaginable, gimmicks that promised to drop my weight incredibly fast using injections, I’d even tried hypnosis; and every time, I gained the weight back, and then some. But as I write this testimonial, I am 20lbs lighter on the scale, far more toned and I’m well on the way to the lifestyle, body and the long term health goals that I have always wanted for myself…and it has ONLY been 2 months. For the first time in my life, I am feeling in control and I know am making changes that will stick. What has made the difference? My personal trainer James Grundy, and the BioSignature program at Optimum Bodies. Optimum Bodies has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, a holistic approach to weight loss that’s healthy, realistic and sustainable, and most importantly, skilled, experienced and supportive trainers that will help you reach your goals. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Optimum bodies and I would strongly recommend anyone who has ever struggled with weight to give this program and these trainers a try. They will help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

Dr. Leeno Karumanchery

I have been training with Jenny & James for almost 2 years now and with 100% satisfaction, I would recommend Optimum Bodies to anyone looking for results. Throughout my training, I have not only lost weight, but also built up my confidence, self-esteem and most importantly met lifetime friends. The qualified trainers are very skilled in the several areas needed to help you meet your goal, while also providing nutritional advice. After trying several local gyms, Optimum Bodies is by far the best as you get more than you pay for, but also receive trainers that love their job and are there each step of the way in motivating you to reach your specific goal. The 1-on-1 personal training is very beneficial as they focus on the main areas you would like to lose and construct a training program for you. Jenny & James’ positive attitude has helped me reach my goal as I have lost the unwanted weight and continue to work on toning my body as I will continue to participate at this gym for many years to come. Each day I walk out of the gym feeling great about myself and what I have accomplished. This personal training facility offers a great variety of boot camps including bikini boot camp and training programs such as resistance training, fat loss program and golf fitness. The overall atmosphere of Optimum Bodies is very welcoming, supportive, and there are not enough good words to describe this gym.


So I have been working out with Jenny for 5 weeks now and all I can say is WOW! I never thought I’d be able to do some of the exercises she has me doing. I have always been a plus size and decided I was going to change that before I turned 35. I have 7 months until that day but I have no doubt that I’ll be working hard long after that. I have an insane schedule that has me working long hours and traveling. If I can make it work there is no reason that you shouldn’t take your first steps at making a change in your life. Optimum Bodies cares and will work with you to help you reach your goals. “No one said that it would be easy, they just said that it would be worth it!”


I sought out the expertise of a qualified personal trainer to help me take my tennis game to the next level, as well as reducing my back pain and improving my endurance on the court. After less than two months my back feels great, I’m stronger and faster than ever and I’m winning matches against opponents I couldn’t beat in the past. Training at Optimum Bodies has taken my game to a whole new level.


When I started working with a trainer, not unlike most, I wanted to look better. I was hoping I could lose a few pounds and build a little bit of muscle, but my expectations weren’t all that high for what I would be able to accomplish. In fact, Laura had to convince me to change my routine and that I wouldn’t take a step backwards. As I got 4 weeks in and saw decent results, and then got 8 weeks in and saw substantial results, I started to get hooked on pushing myself to lose more pounds, shed more inches, do more chin-ups and try new exercises. In hindsight, I wish I had set more concrete, unfathomable goals upfront as it probably would have accelerated my results and driven my commitment. My goals certainly weren’t a great enough stretch and before long, I had the simple goal of going further – losing more weight, shedding inches (especially in my waist) and getting stronger (the main indicator being how many chin-ups I could do). My expectations for how much I could personally improve myself were far surpassed inside of 3 months through changing the way I worked out, who I worked out with (Laura), and by what I ate based on Laura’s recommendations. The changes to my diet were probably the biggest change to my overall lifestyle. I thought I had gone as far as I could go last Fall when I was just a bit smaller than I was in high school with a 33 inch waist and weighing about 180 lbs. Little did I know that after Laura adjusted my program, I was able to drop another 2 inches in my waist, but added mass to my arms, chest and back while getting down to 172 lbs. In addition, my confidence has grown which has had a positive impact on my professional and social life, and my wife says that I’ve become a great cook, always looking for new and healthy recipes which have benefited her as well. It’s not easy to admit it when you get your ass kicked by a girl. Laura has always been able to do more and go faster than I can which is great for someone like me who is competitive. Even when I was able to finally do more chin-ups than her, she went out and decided to start running marathons and can now outrun me. Her commitment to her own workout/running routines and her diet are very motivational. I actually feel guilty when I have something to eat that I know she wouldn’t touch. She also seems to be an endless fountain of ideas. Just when I think I’ve learned what I can and have settled into a routine, she changes it. She is always sending me new recipes and meal ideas, and she keeps workouts interesting and always changing, which keeps me from hitting a plateau or getting bored.


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